Leadership Team

Professional Staff

Embedded Program Staff

Psychology Interns

Psychology Interns are doctoral students in applied psychology programs that matched with the University Counseling Service for a year-long, full-time placement. They perform many of the same roles as the full-time staff. The psychology internship is the last stage of training before a doctoral degree is conferred and one of the last training opportunities before a psychologist can pursue independent licensure. Psychology interns are under the supervision of several senior UCS staff members.

Practicum Trainees

Practicum Trainees are graduate students in counseling psychology or social work who are under the supervision of a staff therapist. In their graduate coursework, they are trained in evidence-based techniques to provide counseling and other mental health interventions such as facilitating psychoeducational workshops or providing outreach presentations.

Front Desk Staff

Complimentary Appointments

Complimentary appointments are given to UI staff or faculty who have integral roles in UCS services, including collaborative care for students, research, or training efforts. These individuals have primary appointments in other university departments, but are included as part of UCS staff via complimentary appointments.