Psychoeducational Programs

The following programs are offered to help students build their coping skills and learn ways to effectively improve their mental health. These are psychoeducational programs, not therapy. If you are in need of psychotherapy, please call 319-335-7294 to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists.

Motivation and Procrastination

The "Motivation and Procrastination" workshop is a 1-hour workshop designed to help participants understand the psychological underpinnings of procrastination and provide practical strategies to boost motivation and overcome procrastination. Through a combination of cognitive-behavioral techniques and practical exercises, this workshop aims to equip participants with tools to enhance productivity and achieve their goals. 

Time/Dates: TBD in Fall
Location:  TBD in Fall


Managing Anxious Thoughts

The "Managing Anxious Thoughts" workshop is a 1-hour workshop designed to help participants recognize, understand, and manage their anxious thoughts through various evidence-based techniques. This interactive session aims to provide practical tools for coping with racing thoughts, fostering self-awareness, and promoting mental well-being. 

Time/Date: TBD in Fall 


Distress Coping Workshop

The Distress Coping Workshop is a 1-hour workshop designed to help participants learn coping skills to manage distressing emotions and move through stressful situations in an effective manner.

Date/Time: TBD


Connection & Resilience Workshop

The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is offering a 6-week workshop based on Brené Brown's Connections Curriculum. The goal of this workshop is to assist students in examining the roles of shame, resilience and empathy and the impacts on how they view themselves and their relationships. This interactive workshop will include group discussions, opportunities to practice coping strategies and selected readings from Brené Brown.

Brené Brown's Connections Curriculum, is a multifaceted approach, developed to address issues relating to shame, and to facilitate the development of shame resilience. The curriculum is ideal for students working with issues such as self-esteem, love and belonging, authenticity, the development of empathy, connection, and power, and the ability to cultivate a resilient spirit.

Typically held in Spring. 

Time/Dates: TBD



Let's Talk, Hawks!

Let's Talk, Hawks! is a drop-in service offered by the University Counseling Service (UCS) typically at various campus locations. It provides you with mental health knowledge and skills through tabling activities and an opportunity to have an informal, brief conversation with a UCS therapist. You can learn mental health skills and resources, share your mental health concerns, work on problem solving together, or ask questions about counseling and UCS.

college dorm room living space

Collegiate Recovery Program

The University of Iowa Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) provides an environment that supports the therapeutic and educational needs of Iowa students who are considering recovery, in recovery, or wanting to support those in any stage of recovery from addiction.

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Fresh Check Day

Fresh Check Day is a campus-wide mental health fair. Fresh Check Day combines a fun, fair-like atmosphere with constructive conversation around mental health and wellness and suicide prevention. Featuring interactive booths combined with music, games, prizes, food, and other giveaways.

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