University Counseling Service (UCS) offers a variety of counseling services for currently enrolled University of Iowa students including individual therapy, group therapy, relationship therapy, and referrals to other counseling services in the Iowa City area.

Please read our services page to find out more about what's offered at UCS.

How to schedule an appointment with UCS:

  1. Check your eligibility

    Before scheduling an appointment, please read our eligibility information page to see if you're eligible for services from UCS. Students must be in the state of Iowa to attend virtual appointments.

  2. Decide which type of appointment works best

    UCS offers several ways to see a counselor. Same-day appointments and consultations are available in the afternoon Monday through Friday and are first-call-first-served; starting at 8:00 a.m. Same-day appointments must be scheduled via phone.

    • Initial Consultation - Includes a comprehensive assessment to help you explore your needs and options for mental health services.
    • Same-day Initial Consultation - Schedule via phone at 319-335-7294.
    • Same-day Quick Access appointment - Schedule a Quick Access appointment if you are interested in meeting with a counselor for a single session to discuss a problem. Quick Access appointments must be scheduled via phone. Learn more about Quick Access appointments.
    • Case Management - if think you might be looking for longer-term, open-ended, or a specific type of therapy not available at UCS, and would like to connect with a therapist in the Iowa City community or surrounding area. Learn more about a Case Management appointment.
  3. Call 319-335-7294 to schedule an appointment 

    Based on the type of appointment you schedule, you will receive different instructions about the first meeting. You will also be provided instructions for what type of initial paperwork you may need to complete. The support staff will confirm your location for virtual appointments and may direct you to reschedule/cancel the appointment if you're not in the state of Iowa.

  4. Fill out your paperwork

    If this is your first time at University Counseling Service, or it has been more than three months since the last time you were seen, we ask you to complete paperwork with information about your current concerns, as well as your background, for your counselor. You will be able to complete your paperwork through the UCS confidential paperwork portal on the same day as your appointment. Please ensure you have completed this paperwork no later than 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

    Paperwork can be completed online in our secure paperwork portal on the day of your appointment. For in-person appointments, you can also complete paperwork in the waiting rooms of our main offices (Westlawn), and will need to arrive early before your appointment to do so.

    We encourage you to utilize the online paperwork option if possible.



Cancelling an appointment

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please call UCS to cancel, and please do not complete paperwork in the confidential UCS paperwork portal if you cancel your appointment.

Services for faculty and staff/employees

Please see our additional resources page for information about services on campus for faculty and staff/employees.

Phone consultations

Concerned about someone?

If you are a parent or family member, faculty/staff member, friend, partner, or a loved on of a University of Iowa student and have concerns about a student's mental health you are welcome to call UCS at 319-335-7294 and speak with a counselor regarding your concerns.