Sam Ramsey, B.A.


Clinical/counseling interests:

I am studying to be a therapist because I find people fascinating. I believe that no human is fully knowable by another; there is always more to explore. I also believe in the power of a client-directed, strengths-based approach to therapy. I enjoy collaborating with clients to find individualized and creative strategies that move them closer to achieving their goals. I am especially interested in goals related to identity, relationships, spirituality/religion, contentment, self-love and self-confidence, and healing from past experiences.

Multicultural interests:

No two individuals’ experiences are the same, even if their identities overlap. While it is so important to acknowledge how systemic forces shape the lives of people who have non-dominant identities, I believe it is also important to allow space for a variety of individual experiences, opinions, and emotions within that larger context.

Outreach interests:

I have previously conducted research on the ubiquitous yet hard-to-define concept of “coolness” and am very interested in how social cultures and hierarchies, including those on social media, inform a person’s self-concept. While typically associated with teenagers and high school cliques, these socially constructed realities endure in various forms as we age with continued impact on factors that influence our life outcomes, such as how lonely or socially supported we feel. Accordingly, my primary outreach interests revolve around empowering people to make meaningful connections with others, no matter what the social “rules” say.

I am also passionate about my volunteer work with older adults who have Parkinson’s Disease. This group has taught me countless lessons about community, perseverance, and humility.

Sam Ramsey