UCS has a number of resources and services available to help faculty and staff as they assist students in making the most of their educational experiences here.

UCS does not provide ongoing counseling services to faculty and staff. If you are seeking counseling or psychological services for yourself or for someone in your family, please contact the  UI Employee Assistance Program at 319-335-2085.

Please click on a service or resource you are interested in learning more about below. If you have any questions about any of our services or resources, call 319-335-7294 to speak with a UCS representative.

Faculty and staff are important partners in helping UCS serve the mental health needs of students at the University of Iowa.  We appreciate your trust in us and gladly receive you referrals when you believe that a student is in need of mental health services. For information regarding confidentiality at UCS, please click here.

Working With Students in Distress workshop

You are in your office, thinking about a recent interaction with a student that has left you troubled. Many things are running through your mind.  Is this a big deal?  Should I call someone about this? Can I help this student myself?  Should I even get involved?

For many students, personal matters have a profound effect on academic performance, and for that alone, such interactions are significant and a reason to be involved. But these are complicated issues and getting involved can feel intimidating. All one has to do is pick up a newspaper to read about the emotional concerns students are having. Our students struggle with anxiety, depression, general emotional dysregulation, thoughts of self-harm, physical illnesses, family problems, financial crises, and others. Any of these can leave a student distressed and seeking your help.

The “Working with Students in Distress Workshop” is designed to help Staff and Faculty respond to students in distress. It is our experience that faculty and staff want to help students when they are in distress, but sometimes struggle with right words and best approaches. The “Working with Students in Distress Workshop” is designed to provide language and practical skills to help Staff and Faculty navigate challenging interactions.The “Working with Students in Distress Workshop” provides the signs of what distress looks like, ideas of what to do and what not to do, and simple language to assist with having the confidence to act when a student is struggling.

Your response may be a conversation with the student, a phone call to UCS, or a referral to one of the many offices and people who work with distressed students every day. Regardless, we want you to know that you are never alone.  We are partners in the important work of helping a student in distress find understanding, support, and appropriate campus services.

  • This workshop lasts 1-1.5 Hours and is for staff and faculty,
  • This workshop requires AV for PowerPoint and video including sound.
  • This workshop is didactic and interactive with participants.


Kognito is an online, easy to use, avatar based training program to assist you with identifying the markers for suicidal thinking and intent.  Kognito walks you through the steps of identification, teaches you easy to use language for intervening with a student for whom you have concern, and then shares with you resources for the University of Iowa campus.  Takes no more than an hour, is highly interactive, and can provide you the information you need to act in confidence in critical situations