Guide to Seeking Counseling Services While Away from Campus

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May 14, 2020 - COVID-19 Update

UCS Informed Consent Form for Tele-Mental Health

While UIowa acts to keep our community safe in response to Coronavirus, the UCS is open and we are here to support the campus community. UCS acknowledges the impact on Iowa students related to Coronavirus and recognizes that it is typical to experience calm and/or to experience anxiety, worry, or fear.

If you are in distress, please know we are here to help. Students, whether current clients or new to the UCS, may contact the UCS by calling 319.335.7294.

As all university students, staff, and faculty have been ordered away from campus, the UCS has developed a new platform by which to continue therapy and outreach programming/training via tele-mental health.

For Current Students Enrolled for the Iowa City Campus

  • Please call the UCS at 319.335.7294 to speak to a counselor. 
  • We are scheduling same day appointments currently, so please call on the day you would like to speak a counselor.
  • Please continue to check this page for which states the UCS is able to provide counseling, as this list will update regularly.
  • In this time of national emergency, the UCS is able to provide counseling services to students in 8 states and D.C.  If you are currently residing in one of these locations, please call the UCS to find out more about how to connect to counseling services.  If you are not currently residing in one of these locations, the UCS ​would be happy to consult with you about the best routes to seeking counseling services in your area.  Please also consult the “Guide to Seeking Counseling Services While Away From Campus,” below.  Check back as this list is subject to change.  The states the UCS is currently serving are:

    California, Connecticut, Illinois​, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Nebraska.

    ​Each state has specific limitations set by that state. You can speak with your counselor about the guidelines in your specific state and ways it could impact ​your service. While the UCS has ability to practice in IL, we are limited by the State of Illinois to only serving students already seeing a UCS Therapist.

  • Guide to Seeking Counseling Services While Away from Campus


For faculty and staff:

  • We appreciate your ability and willingness to be supportive of students.
  • Should you need to consult with the UCS regarding supporting a student(s), please call and request a call back at 319.335.7294.
  • We want to continue to make you aware of Kognito which is an outstanding online, interactive training on working with students in distress and in suicide prevention.  Check out Kognito HERE.

For additional COVID-19 resources, please see these links:

Please visit our Crisis page for additional Campus Emergency and Support Services

Follow us on Facebook as we share additional resources: @UIowaCounseling

This information may be updated daily, so please check back.