We offer an initial consultation appointment to discuss your concerns and determine how best to meet your needs. Due to special requirements for care, ineligibility for our services, or other reasons, your UCS counselor may decide that a referral to another agency or service provider would be most beneficial. The UCS counselor may offer you several referral options or invite you to meet with our Clinical Case Manager. The Clinical Case Manager has knowledge about the various services and agencies available on campus and within the Iowa City community. The Case Manager can offer assistance with finding referral options, talk with you about your insurance coverage benefits, offer support and guidance, help you schedule the first appointment, and follow up with you to make sure you’re getting the help you need.

During a Case Management appointment, our Clinical Case Manager will meet with you and discuss the following things:

  • What you’re looking for in therapy.
  • Your preferences in a therapist (identities, location, mode of appointment)
  • Your health insurance information. The Clinical Case Manager will call your insurance with you so that you know what services are covered and what your financial obligation might be for seeing a community provider.
  • The Clinical Case Manager will then send you a list of therapists in the community that might be a good fit and have openings for new clients; the Clinical Case Manager will also follow up to see if you are experiencing any barriers to getting connected.
  • The Clinical Case Manager can also provide support while you are waiting to connect with a community therapist; it is not ongoing therapy, but can be some helpful support for the "in between time".

In order to schedule an appointment with our Clinical Case Manager, please call 319-335-7294.

If you’d like to pursue open-ended or specialized mental health services on your own and plan to use your own insurance, please consider reviewing our guide to finding a therapist in the community.