Being an intern at UCS was an opportunity for significant reflection and growth, and it was the highlight of my graduate training. I loved the variety of the clinical work, the didactic learning, my fellow interns, and most of all the supervision. My supervisors were genuine, caring, and knowledgeable; they made me feel known and valued. I received feedback specific to my areas of challenge and strength, and each supervisor in their own way encouraged and supported me in developing a professional identity authentic to who I am as a clinician, colleague, and person. Additionally, I do not think it possible to ask for a better training director.  She is intentional, organized, ethical, transparent, and protective of the intern training experience. I am humbled by how much thought and effort she and the entire staff at UCS put into the training program, and I think that speaks to the ethic of care that permeates the center. 

Kristin Wurster, Ph.D.
Intern Class of 2018-2019

The internship at the University of Iowa University Counseling Service (UCS) is a stellar training program. I feel so fortunate to have completed my graduate training in this wonderful environment with a training director and entire staff so dedicated to the highest quality of training. As an intern, I had the chance to provide a variety of clinical service (e.g., individual therapy, group therapy, outreach) as well as participate in didactic trainings and staff meetings/committees. I felt the staff was willing to really hear what I had to say, and my opinion was not discounted in any way because of my training status. There are ample opportunities to push yourself professionally and personally, and the staff are willing to be there each step of the way to offer support and appropriate challenge. I felt fully prepared to move into whatever opportunities were available to me following internship. Words in this short testimonial cannot do justice to the gratitude I feel and the amazing experience I had as an intern at the UCS; it is simply a phenomenal training program comprised of the best staff you could hope for.

Charles Bermingham, Ph.D.
University of Iowa, Counseling Psychology Clinical Assistant Professor
Intern Class of 2015-2016

The atmosphere of the internship program at the UCS is imbued with authentic care for the trainees. Supervision was a highlight, with the opportunity for in-depth specialty training not often found in a single site (short term relational psychodynamic and ACT, especially).  Feedback was delivered with a clarity and warmth suggesting that intern’s gifts and growth areas were truly seen. This is a site that balances challenge with support, makes space for reflection, and provides the structure to move towards confident autonomous practice. 

Bill Caperton, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist
University of California, Los Angeles
Intern Class of 2014-2015

It is difficult to summarize how thankful and appreciative I am for my internship experience at UCS.  It was a transformational and meaningful experience because of the people and the training program they built.  The training program exceeded all of my expectations.  The staff and supervisors created an environment where I felt safe to take risks in my work and grow my professional identity.  The UCS truly values training and the experience of interns.  My supervisors and the training director were also very helpful in preparing me for the next steps in my career and supporting me throughout the process.  UCS is a top-notch internship training program and the growth I experienced there will continue to guide me throughout my professional life.

Michael E. Gotlib, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist
Drexel University, Counseling Center
Intern Class of 2014-2015

I’m very grateful for spending my doctoral internship year at UCS – a place where I received top-notch counseling training and supervision, and got to know a group of whole-hearted, devoted, and kind people. It is a place where there is a collective synergy toward making the world a more just and better place for all. Of course the training and work was very intensive as it should be for internship, but I never felt burnt out or being busy without a good reason. The training program has been so well established that all the activities and curriculum are carved out with intentionality and care.  I also received the best supervision ever; the supervisors are so invested in me as a psychologist-in-training and as a person, and as a result I gained tremendous insight about counseling and myself. The genuine and open learning environment also provided ample space for me to reflect and challenge myself, which I found a necessity for me to truly grow as a psychologist. UCS definitely has been a center stone in my professional and personal development – a place that will always bring a warm smile on me. 

Peiwei Li, Ph.D.
Faculty, Counseling and Psychology Division
Lesley University
Intern Class of 2013-2014

My internship year has been a very meaningful period of my life, and I feel very fortunate that I had to spend the year with the staff and supervisors at the UCS. One of the strengths of the internship program at the UCS is its commitment to training. The supervisors are supportive, knowledgeable, protective, and professional. They helped me to identify my strengths and guided me to improve my growth edges in a very supportive and nurturing way. I felt recharged and understood after supervision sessions, understanding that my supervisors are more interested in helping me to grow professionally than evaluating my performance, although it is necessary. The training has helped to prepare me for the job market. Each staff member has been a great role model as how professionals could be. The emphasis and commitment to social justice, diversity, and professional dignity have helped me to form my values of what it means to be a professional. The UCS is a great site for internship training. I highly recommend it for those who are applying for internship!

Tzu-An Hu, Ph.D., Clinical Counselor
University of Illinois Champaign Counseling Center
Intern Class of 2011-2012

I feel privileged to have completed my internship at the University of Iowa University Counseling Service (UCS). The UCS internship training environment is outstanding, and provides a context for optimal professional development and growth. I received first-rate supervision from a team of supportive mentors who were clearly committed to my professional development. Due to the breadth and depth of training experiences that were offered, I was well-prepared to take the next step in my career. Without question, my internship year was one of the highlights of my graduate training.

Rebecca Brock, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Intern Class of 2011-2012

I feel fortunate to have completed my doctoral internship at the UCS. As an intern, I appreciated the autonomy given to me to spread my wings as a psychologist in training in a warm and supportive environment. A key strength of this internship is the quality of supervision. My supervisors were influential in helping me to integrate my strengths and unique worldview into my work with clients and my professional identity. One of the most rewarding experiences during my internship year was in the area of diversity at both the client and programming and consultation levels. I feel that the support and encouragement I received from the staff helped me to re-engage with my dissertation and successfully defend only months after internship ended. My capstone experience at the UCS helped to provide an excellent training experience that was instrumental in building my confidence to enter the field as a new professional.

Elizabeth Bradshaw-Livingston, Ph.D.
Mental Health Psychologist
Georgia Regional Hospital - Atlanta (GRHA)
Intern class of 2010-2011

My internship year at UCS was truly a formative year for me--both professionally and personally. I gained the knowledge, the skill, and the passion for working in the college counseling center setting. I was fortunate to work with a staff who genuinely cared about their campus, one another, and our training as trainees!"

Carolyn Heitzmann Ruhf, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
Intern Class of 2009-2010

I can say without any fear of exaggeration that my internship at the UCS far exceeded my expectations for that stage in my clinical training. Having worked at several university counseling centers before and after, I can say that you will not find stronger clinical supervision and genuine support of interns' development. The staff worked hard to match interns with cases that both challenged and engaged us, and I am a better clinical supervisor due to such strong modeling by the psychologists there. Given its location in central Iowa, prior to starting I wasn't sure about the breadth and depth of opportunities to work with diversity. I was wrong to question it. The clinical staff excels in teaching and modeling multicultural competency, and I worked with a wonderfully diverse caseload of clients. I still think they are years ahead of most counseling centers in recognizing the importance of understanding therapists' and clients' intersecting cultural identities. I can't speak highly enough of my internship experience at the UCS, and strongly encourage you to apply."

Ryan A. McKelley, Ph.D., LP, Assistant Professor of Clinical/Counseling Psychology
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Intern Class of 2007-2008

Interning at Iowa was an excellent experience. Training staff are seriously committed to intern growth and development, especially around clinical practice, professional development, cultural competence, assessment, and consultation/supervision. I really appreciated that trainers “walked the walk” about taking of our own mental health as clinicians, and I found Iowa UCS to be a wonderfully balanced and supportive environment. In addition, the site is highly collegial and welcoming. I remember my internship fondly, and recommend the UCS each year to doctoral students who are in the hunt.

David Shen-Miller, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor
Department of Counseling and Health Psychology
Bastyr University, Washington Campus
Intern Class of 2007-2008

Training at an APA-accredited site with a strong reputation for being a solid training program was very important to me in my internship search. The training and supervision that I received as an intern at UCS exceeded my expectations. I felt that my interests were supported and my strengths were highlighted, however, I was appropriately challenged and grew tremendously during my internship year. The staff at UCS is committed to training and supervision and I felt that my supervisors were genuinely invested in my growth and self-care. At the conclusion of internship, I felt energized to enter the field and prepared to take the next step professionally. As an early-career professional, there is no doubt that my internship training at UCS was a springboard for my career. I still reflect on learning experiences from that year and continue to value the mentorship I received and relationships that I developed. I feel privileged to have been an intern at UCS and would strongly recommend this training site to prospective interns looking for a high-quality training experience in a university counseling center environment.

Tiffany Tiberi, Psy.D.
Staff Psychologist
Loyola University of Chicago Wellness Center
Intern Class of 2007-2008