University of Iowa Student Health and the University Counseling Service (UCS) are pleased to offer medical and mental health services for Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary students seeking assistance/support as part of transitioning.

The UCS is here for you to assist with:

  • Initial exploration of gender variance, gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality. 
  • Treatment for depression and anxiety that may occur as a result of gender questioning or exploration, coming out, managing gender binary environments, familial concerns, and other concerns. 
  • Support in managing discrimination, misgendering, and transphobic reactions. 
  • Coming out, being out, and managing identity and roles with family/friends. 
  • Any other care for issues and concerns related to being transgender, trans*, gender non-conforming, and non-binary.

For those interested in Hormone Therapy:

  • SH Staff physician, Dr. Jennifer Johnson, meets with students to consult about the process of hormone therapy, the risks and benefits, the course of therapy, and initiation and maintenance of hormones.
  • Staff Psychologists, Drs. Barry Schreier and Kelly Clougher collaborate with Dr. Johnson and meet with students as part of the process of providing recommendation letters as suggested by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care, Version 7 (2012).

Getting Started

Call the UCS at (319)-335-7294 and ask for an “Initial Consultation.”  You may request to meet with a staff member who is familiar with gender-based issues and concerns, but all UCS staff are sensitive and knowledgeable and can assist you if do not want to state this request upfront.  As part of this process, your UCS therapist will assist you with referral to Student Health.

Or call Student Health at (319)-335-8394 or click HERE to make an appointment online.


There are no additional fees for UCS services or Student Health services.  There are fees for laboratory work and for prescriptive hormones/injections.  Student Health accepts all major insurances and will work with you to maximize coverage.

UCS and Student Health are pleased to be able to collaborate to provide students with on-campus hormone therapy services and Trans-inclusive services, as part of students’ physical, mental, and overall wellness.  Find out more about Trans-Inclusive Health Resources at the University of Iowa and in Iowa City by clicking HERE.