Tag: Trauma and Resilience

Coping with Grief and Loss

Common Reactions to Loss Emotions and Feelings Sadness, yearning, depressed mood, mood changes Feelings of helplessness & loss of control Panic and anxiety Fear of death Shock, denial, numbness Guilt and shame Anger Loneliness Tearfulness, crying Relief Remorse and Regret Physical Symptoms Changes in sleep and/or eating patterns Anxiety/autonomic nervous system arousal Exaggerated startle response Increased somatic complaints or physical illnesses, such as headaches, colds, stomach aches, back pain, and hypertension Fatigue Changes in Behavior Social withdrawal and/or isolation Preoccupation with the deceased Avoiding stimuli that are reminders of the deceased Increased use of alcohol or substances Changes in activity level Changes in Thinking Poor concentration Disorientation Confusion, forgetfulness Feelings of unreality Factors That May Complicate Grieving Sometimes other circumstances affect the grieving process and the responses of the bereaved.

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