Returning Home Again

By Patrick Galligan, Ph.D.

Some students can’t wait to go home again after the semester ends.  Others are dreading it.  No matter how you feel about ...


Saying "No" To Unfair Requests and Demands

Be sure where you stand first, i.e., whether you want to say yes or no. If you're not sure, say you need time to think it over and let the person know...

How To Fight Fair In Relationships


Unfair Fighting Assumptions 

Fair Fighting Assumptions

Conflict is awful
My needs are more valid than yours
Only one can win

Conflict is inevita...

Study Effectively

Many study reading methods have been evolved. Although known by different titles and utilizing slightly different steps, all of them have one thing in...


Tips For Participating In Class Discussions

Preparing for discussion classes demands more time and effort than getting ready for lecture classes. Most of the work is done before class: time is s...

How To Take Exams

Some of the following suggestions pertain to any type of examination; others may be useful for a particular type of examination. 


Get relaxed just...