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Category: Students

Study Effectively

Many study reading methods have been evolved. Although known by different titles and utilizing slightly different steps, all of them have one thing in...


How To Take Exams

Some of the following suggestions pertain to any type of examination; others may be useful for a particular type of examination. 


Get relaxed just...


Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of life; in fact, people need a certain amount of stress in order to function at high levels. Adjusting to a different culture...


Sleep Hygiene Rules

The following rules can help you to achieve a better pattern of sleep. It can take at least several days, and often up to a week before you will see i...


Coping with Grief and Loss

Common Reactions to Loss Emotions and Feelings 
Sadness, yearning, depressed mood, mood changes

Feelings of helplessness & loss of control

Panic and...