These appointments are designed for when you have a question or concern you would like to discuss with a counselor, but do not want to meet for ongoing counseling. These appointments can also be used when you need to speak with a counselor about an immediate crisis, get support, and develop a plan to help manage your crisis This appointment is focused on coping with your immediate need. You decide whether or not your experience is a crisis; examples include feeling suicidal, experiencing a recent trauma, or the recent death of a loved one. If you are unsure you can remain safe to attend your appointment, call 911 or visit the hospital emergency room.

You will be asked to fill out forms providing background information to help you and your counselor address your concern. As with Consultation appointments (see above), UCS will provide instructions for completing brief paperwork through our confidential online paperwork portal, or you can complete this paperwork on-site for in-person appointments. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please call to cancel.