A Message from the Assistant Director for Training


Dear Prospective Trainee,

Training is an important and long-standing aspect of our agency identity.  We invest time and thought into our training roles, and we take great pride in helping our trainees grow and develop.  We have trained practicum students from UI doctoral programs for four decades.  Our doctoral internship in psychology has been continuously accredited since 1979. 

We have 10.45 FTE staff psychologists who provide supervision and/or contribute to training. We have three social workers who can serve as therapy group co-facilitators or clinical case managers.

We are identified as scientist-practitioners, with a clear commitment to deliver evidence-based services to diverse consumers.  We strive to help our trainees deliver responsive, multiculturally competent, and effective services.  We as trainers are committed to engage with our trainees to examine the assumptions that inform our work; these are inextricably linked to our life experiences and intersecting sets of privileged and oppressed identities.

We deeply respect informed consent and evaluation processes; we strive for fairness and transparency in our supervisory and training roles.  We work to be to responsive to our trainees’ input, so that we can provide a positive learning environment.

If a rigorous and engaged training and supervisory process appeals to you, please consider making your application.  Prospective interns must be enrolled in APA-accredited doctoral programs; they should apply through the APPIC process.  Our APPIC Program Number is 124711.  Prospective practicum students must be enrolled in a UI doctoral program.  Please contact me at Julie-corkery@uiowa.edu if you would like to apply for a practicum position.


Julie Corkery, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Training

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