Psychological Consultation

If you are a parent, faculty/staff member, friend, partner, or loved one of a University of Iowa student and have concerns about the student’s mental health or life situation, you are welcome to call the UCS, (319) 335-7294, and speak with a staff member regarding your concerns. A typical caller would voice concerns about a student’s mental health and strategize with the staff member about how to help guide the student toward getting assistance and support.

If you choose to identify the student of concern by name, you should know that whenever we receive information about a specific student and if that student is or becomes a client, our general practice is to include the information in their file. Clients have legal access to their file and so they may become aware of your communication with us.

Without a signed Release of Information, UCS staff members cannot disclose any information (including attendance at an appointment) about a specific student-client. The UCS honors the confidentiality of its clients (with the exception of the imminent threat of harm to self or others). In order to get a Release of Information, the student needs to ask the UCS receptionist or their counselor for the form. The student will then be guided on how to complete the form.

For more information about helping a UI student that you have concern about, please review one of the documents linked below: