Couple or Relationship Counseling

In addition to individual and group counseling, the UCS also offers brief couples counseling. This service is designed to address relationship concerns between people who are involved in an intimate relationship. In order to be eligible for this service, members of the couple need to be currently enrolled University of Iowa students. As with our individual and group counseling services, in order to initiate couples counseling the couple needs to schedule an initial consultation appointment with a UCS staff member to discuss their concerns. During the consultation, the UCS staff member and the couple may decide that couples counseling is the best approach to address the couple’s concerns. If appropriate for brief couples counseling, the couple will be assigned to work with a UCS staff member who is trained to provide couples counseling. If the couple is wanting more open-ended treatment options, the consultant will either provide the couple with referrals or invite the couple to schedule with the Clinical Case Manager. 

In order to schedule a meeting with a UCS counselor to discuss couples counseling, please call (319) 335-7294.