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The UCS offers a variety of counseling services for currently enrolled University of Iowa students.  Please see our UCS Eligibility for Services FAQ for eligibility for service information.  Additionally, to learn more about our scope of services, please review our Scope of Services.

Initial Contact with the UCS

Sorting out which service best fits your needs begins when you call in to schedule an appointment. 

If you’re interested in a Quick Access problem-solving or crisis management appointment, you can typically get in the same day in a 30-minute or 60-minute slot.  These types of appointments are especially appropriate late the semester if you know you won’t be available for services beyond the end of the semester.

If you’re more interested in looking more deeply into treatment options either within UCS or in the community, a 60-minute initial consultation appointment would likely best serve you.  During this appointment, the student and the consulting therapist determine which services would be most helpful (group, individual, or couples counseling; consultations; case management; assistance with referrals; and so on).  Potential options can include a referral to a group, a single round of brief counseling, a referral to a University or community provider, or simply a consultation with an additional follow-up appointment. Our counseling and consultation are provided without charge.

about us

Our staff represents many aspects of the diversity of the campus and has a commitment to meeting the special needs of individuals from various backgrounds. We welcome students from all cultures, languages, races, religions, genders, abilities, and sexual orientations. Our approach leads us to offer the following services:

Clinical Services Options

Outreach Programs/Workshops/Consultations

We are available to design and to implement presentations, programs, or workshops on a wide variety of psychology topics. UCS staff members are also trained as consultants to work with students or student groups to identify and to work toward more effective personal, interpersonal, and organizational/group functioning. Let us know if we can work for you. View our complete Outreach Program for more information.


The University is a nationally and internationally recognized academic and research institution. The UCS proudly supports the academic mission of the University of Iowa through one of the oldest APA-accredited Doctoral Internships in the nation.  Additionally, the UCS provides its Practicum Training Program for the Clinical and Counseling Psychology programs. Social Work Training Program Coming Soon!

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