Work with us. Barry Schreier, PhD. University Counseling Service.

It is a notable time to be at the UCS as it has been, and continues to be, a place of “Yes!”  Ideas are welcomed, nurtured, and moved forward into implementation.  The UCS has a strong reputation on campus and continues to set the conversation for campus mental health at UIowa.  It is a true pleasure to work with a staff who are makers, innovators, social actionists, visionaries, and leaders in campus mental health.  Staff are involved on campus, in the state, and nationally!  The UCS Staff possess an exciting and dynamic energy which makes for a great place to work and be! 


 Work with us. Holly Davis, PhD. University Counseling Service.

Being one of the newer members of the UCS staff, I have been positively overwhelmed by the warm and welcoming community I have found here. The people at UCS are not only deeply committed to caring for students and the campus community, but also demonstrate an obvious care for each other day to day. They don’t hesitate to volunteer and pitch in to help each other, to support each other, and to also challenge each other at times to think creatively. I have found a balance here of a strong and stable system that can also lean into change and flexibility. The aspect I have come to appreciate the most is the clear expression of values and corresponding actions taken by UCS staff to promote social justice, equity, and inclusion within the department and for our students.


Work with us. Kyle Votroubek, LISW. University Counseling Service.

I have worked at healthy organizations in the past and the UCS is the healthiest organization I have ever worked for, by far. My colleagues are warm and supportive, and I appreciate the variety within my role; these things keep me excited and engaged and protect against burn out in this stressful field.  Benefits are as important to me as salary and we have incredible benefits that promote a healthy work/life balance that I was unable to have at previous jobs. I have children and working at the UCS provides flexibility that allows me to be involved in my children’s lives in the ways I value. 


Work with us. Kelly Clougher, PhD. University Counseling Service.

I truly love contributing to the three areas of direct service at UCS – outreach, clinical, and training. That is what led to me entering a career in a university counseling center setting. The aspect about working here that is unique is that I feel my work in diversity, equity, and inclusion is supported, encouraged, and seen by my colleagues at UCS and across the UI campus. I get to use my voice as a biracial (Ottawa, White) woman while promoting social justice and helping students know they matter. 


Work with us. Ian Evans, PsyD. University Counseling Service.

I have greatly appreciated the consistent encouragement and support to bring exactly who I am as an individual to the work that we do. What stands out to me most about UCS is the people and the genuine care and passion they bring to work each day. Working at UCS has provided the freedom and flexibility to grow as a person within my role as a therapist. Working alongside the UCS staff has served as a salient reminder to the meaning that comes with being a therapist. 


I am so energized by how UCS supports continued learning throughout one's career. Early career staff and seasoned staff come together often to learn and grow--through especially thoughtful Continuing Education offerings, for example, as well as through informal consultation and conversation. The team here feels very collaborative--the one-on-one work I do as a clinician at UCS doesn't keep me at a distance from my colleagues. We join in exploring best practice, in developing new and creative ways to meet student needs, in engaging with social justice questions and goals, and in attending to work-life balance. On hard days as a therapist I know there are so many colleagues at UCS I can turn to problem-solve or just to talk.