Coping Through COVID-19: Live Zoom Series

Description: Join therapists from University Counseling Service to learn new ways you can cope with the impacts of COVID-19 on your student experience at University of Iowa. These programs will introduce you to new coping skills and give you a place to connect with your fellow Hawkeyes during these stressful times.

Day/Time: Mondays, 12:00-12:50pm

  • Week 1 (April 6): Adjusting to Online Learning with Kyle Votroubek
    • Join this discussion-based program to learn how you can adjust to online learning. Topics will include: identifying worries, fears, and stressors; preparing for a smoother transition; strategies for communicating with professors/TAs, and identifying ways to cope with this unexpected transition in the middle of the semester.
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  • Week 2 (April 13): Even Though We’re Apart We Can Still Connect with Shengnan Li
    • As an international student, you may not have a place to go due to COVID-19. Let us meet virtually, talk about things we can do to ease our anxiety and fear, and have some peace in our mind during this difficult time
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  • Week 3 (April 20): Facilitating Wellness through Hope, Gratitude, and Connection with Ian EvansParticipants will learn how to integrate concepts from positive psychology to enable personal and community thriving.
  • Week 4 (April 27): Distress Tolerance: ACCEPTS Skill with Heidi Schmitt
      • Participants will learn briefly about mindfulness and then focus on distress tolerance and how to utilize ACCEPTS, a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skill.  ACCEPTS is an acronym for activities, contributing, comparisons, opposite emotions, pushing away, thoughts and sensations.  This skill facilitates distraction to better tolerate distressing emotions or urges and encourages mindful actions.
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  • Week 5 (May 4): Making Peace with Food and Your Body with Tianyi Xie and Chelsey Gates
    • Join in a discussion about the negative impacts of body-shaming messages (e.g., "quarantine 15") and ways to maintain a positive body image and healthy relationship with food in the time of social distancing and home isolation.