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Guide to Finding a Therapist in the Community 

Spring Semester, 2021 - Tele-Mental Health Services and Covid-19 Update

While UIowa works to keep our community as safe as possible in response to Covid-19, the UCS is here to support the campus community. The UCS acknowledges the impact on Iowa students, in particular, related to Covid-19 and recognizes and validates that it is typical to experience calm and/or to experience anxiety, worry, or fear.  The UCS is also committed to service that is equitable and just as the impact of Covid-19 has not been equal for everyone, nor have been the resources to manage the impact.

If you are wanting to engage in counseling to respond to your current distress and/or to engage in counseling to improve your life overall, please know we are here to help. Students, whether current clients or new to the UCS, can contact the UCS by calling 319.335.7294.

In the current time of Covid-19 and hybrid attendance on campus, the UCS has developed a new “Tele-Mental Health” platform to continue therapy and outreach programming/training.

For Current Students Enrolled at the Iowa City Campus

  • Please call the UCS at 319.335.7294 to schedule an initial consultation appointment with a UCS counselor. 

Tele-mental Health

UCS Informed Consent Form for Tele-Mental Health

  • We at the UCS will meet with you and deliver counseling services through telehealth, using Zoom.  We have been meeting with our clients exclusively through Zoom since March 2020.  Most of our clients report that they do not experience much difference from in-person counseling.  Our staff members have been surprised at how readily they, themselves, have adjusted.  Depending on the student’s previous experiences with counseling and psychotherapy, telehealth might seem a bit unusual, but most adapt quickly. 

  • Because telehealth eliminates the chance of transmission of Covid-19, and because the research on counseling services delivered using telehealth is very positive, we plan to use telehealth during the Spring Semester of 2021. We are committed to do our part to slow the transmission of Covid-19, and to avoid possible harm to students. We are committed, also, to protect the well-being of our staff members, interns, and practicum students.  In addition to our concern for their well-being, we want to minimize UCS staffing disruptions due to illness. 


If you are interested in counseling, and are residing in a state other than Iowa, or in a country outside the U.S.

  • Please call the UCS to find out about how to connect to UCS services.  Due to state-to-state licensing laws, UCS counselors may be unable to provide counseling to students residing in other states and unfortunately cannot provide counseling to students residing in other countries. However, the UCS also provides a wide variety of support groups, workshops, self-help information, and other services to help you whether you are on the Iowa campus or anywhere else. We recommend you visit our website and subscribe to our mailing list to receive weekly email updates about these services available to all UIowa students, regardless of where you are currently residing.

  • Due to Covid-19, some U.S. states have allowed for out-of-state mental health practitioners to temporarily provide counseling to individuals residing in those states. These allowances are unique to each state and may have other limitations and expiration dates. In many circumstances, accessing services in the state or country in which you currently reside may be the best option for you. 
  • If the UCS is unable to provide counseling to you due to you being in a state or country in which UCS counselors are not licensed to practice, the UCS can direct you to resources (see Guide to Seeking Counseling Services While Away from Campus below). Should you have questions about how to navigate your options, UCS ​is able to provide a brief case management appointment via phone or Zoom to provide guidance in seeking services in your area. 

Guide to Seeking Counseling Services While Away from Campus

For Faculty and Staff:

  • We appreciate your ability and willingness to be supportive of students.
  • Should you need to consult with the UCS regarding supporting a student(s), please call 319.335.7294 and request a call back from a UCS therapist.
  • We want to continue to make you aware of Kognito which is an outstanding online, interactive training on working with students in distress and in suicide prevention.  Check out Kognito HERE.

For additional COVID-19 resources, please see these links:

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This information may be updated daily, so please check back.