Practicum Opportunities at the UCS

Each semester, several doctoral students in Counseling Psychology and related fields complete practica at the UCS. To qualify for practicum, a student must be enrolled in a University of Iowa doctoral degree program and in a practicum course within his or her academic department.

We train in a manner consistent with the University of Iowa Human Rights Policy  Our training program will provide the opportunity and requirement for trainees to acquire and/or deepen their competence to work with people who represent a full range of diverse identities, including the range of sexual orientations and gender identities.  All of our trainees are required to engage in learning about the range of multicultural competencies, and trainees must demonstrate willingness to serve people who represent the full range of identities.  Refusal to engage in these efforts, or in the case of internship, failure to reach the exit criteria identified for the competencies, may result in dismissal from the program.

Fall Semester

During the fall semester, the UCS has committed to train several students who are enrolled in The University of Iowa doctoral program in Counseling Psychology. Contingent upon space and supervisory resources, the UCS may provide additional practicum training opportunities for students who are enrolled in related fields. For consideration for fall semester practicum, students would need to have completed previous UCS practica, or they would need to commit to the fall and subsequent spring semester practica at the UCS.

Spring Semester

Advanced Practicum. This training experience is designed for students who have completed one previous practicum at our site. Contingent upon space and supervisory resources, the UCS may have openings for students in counseling-related doctoral programs who have completed practica at sites outside the UCS.

Advanced practicum students will see approximately seven individual clients each week. Additionally, they will observe and participate in initial contact interviews for one hour each week. During this time, students will observe as a staff psychologist conducts interview assessments, makes case disposition decisions, and provides treatment recommendations. Students may participate in the interview process, based on their level of experience and development. All practicum students will provide at least one psychoeducational program. Each week, advanced practicum students will receive one hour of individual clinical supervision, a half-hour of individual supervision and training in the clinical interview, and a one-hour case conference.

Specialty Practicum. Students who have completed two or more previous practica at the UCS are eligible for Specialty Practica. Specialty practica may include the following: Diversity Specialty, Gender Issues Specialty; and the Program and Consultation Services Specialty. Students will see several clients, conduct outreach programming, and receive one hour of clinical supervision weekly. Students should designate the specialty in which they are interested when they apply.

Application deadlines for spring practica will be set for early November.

  • Students interested in Advanced Practicum or a Specialty Practicum should contact the UCS Director of Training regarding availability and fit prior to applying.
  • Students who are considering an internship or eventual position in a college/university counseling agency may particularly benefit from Specialty Practicum experience at the UCS.
  • Students should apply through their Practicum Coordinator within their academic departments.

For additional application information, contact:

Julie Madison Corkery, Ph.D.
Director of Training
University Counseling Service
3223 Westlawn S.

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