The UCS offers services to support student academic success.  These services are delivered in both individual, one-on-one formats and in workshop, outreach, or self-help formats.

Individual services are available for students who may have any concerns regarding their academic work.  These concerns might include difficulties with taking exams, concerns about study methods, difficulties with motivation or concentration, or challenges making the transition to academic work at the University of Iowa.  These services include individual consultations regarding academic difficulties, one-on-one academic support counseling to develop or enhance strategies for academic success, assessment of study habits and strategies through the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory, customized academic success counseling, and one-on-one high school to college transition academic support.  To schedule a meeting with a specialist in this area please call 335-7294 for appointment information. 

Some students may have questions or concerns about whether a learning disability or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may be playing a part in their academic difficulties.  The UCS offers specialized consultations regarding these concerns. 

In addition to individual services, the UCS offers outreach programs and services geared to helping students achieve academic goals. Special collaborative support groups related to academic success may also be designed to address the needs of a particular office, college, or academic or service unit.  To schedule a program or workshop, please call 335-7294 for more information. 

Finally, the UCS offers a number of self-help resources on academic success skills and strategies that are designed to assist students with a number of academic success related topics.