The UCS offers specialized consultations regarding learning disabilities and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) for University of Iowa students.  You are welcome to schedule an appointment at UCS with a specialist in this area to discuss your academic difficulties.  To get an appointment, please call (319) 335-7294 for scheduling information. You and the staff member will discuss your academic concerns, childhood and adolescent learning history, and mental health history. The purpose of this is to determine what services might be of most help to you (e.g., ongoing meetings with the consultant to improve your academic concerns, referral for private testing, etc…). 

The consultant may recommend that need you need a full evaluation to determine if you do have learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder.  If a full psychoeducational evaluation is warranted, information will be shared during the interview about options in the community where you can receive this service.  Cost for testing is determined by individual private practitioners.  Your consultant can provide you with referral information.  If you want greater assistance with setting up private testing, you are welcome to meet with our Clinical Case Manager.  Regardless of where the testing is done, the student must work with Student Disability Services (SDS) to receive the recommended accommodations.  For further information regarding services and documentation requirements, please visit the SDS webpage at