Group Counseling

Students often come to the UCS with problems that are most effectively addressed in group counseling. These problems include difficulties meeting people, problems in maintaining intimate relationships, public speaking anxieties, depression, eating problems, low self esteem, and difficulties with grief or loss.


Referrals to group counseling occur in two ways. First, when you attend your initial consultation meeting with a counselor at the UCS, you and your consultant might agree that group counseling would best suit your needs. You would then be scheduled to meet with a group leader to discuss entry into the group you and your consultant have identified. If you and the group leader agree that their particular group is appropriate for your situation, you would enter the group directly. Another way that students enter groups is to be referred from individual counseling to a group. This usually happens when you and your counselor have identified issues that might better be addressed in a group. In this instance, a meeting will be arranged between you and the group leader so that you may have a chance to talk to the group leader and ask any questions about the group. If you and the group leader agree that the group would best serve your needs, then you would join the group.

If you are interested in group counseling services and would like more information, you may view our "What is Group Counseling" page which describes what it might be like to participate in group counseling or psychotherapy. You can also see our current Group Programs. Also, check out our FAQ on "How Group Works!"


For general questions regarding the University Counseling Service groups program, please contact the group coordinator: Dr. Scott Liu at (319) 335-7294 or for more information.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all UI-sponsored events.  If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to participate, please contact the University Counseling Service in advance at (319) 335-7294 to discuss your needs.

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