Megan Prass, M.A.


Clinical/counseling interests

As a therapist, I primarily take an integrative approach, incorporating aspects of person-centered, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral theories. I am interested in exploring patterns and connections between clients’ past experiences and the emotional difficulties they face in the present. I also incorporate mindfulness and solution-focused techniques into treatment when appropriate.

I ultimately aim to tailor treatment and therapeutic interventions to my clients and their needs, and to meet them where they are. Additionally, I strive to be culturally responsive, acknowledging the societal and environmental realities that influence clients’ experiences of life. I believe recognizing and attending to clients’ salient cultural identities throughout the therapy process is necessary for effective treatment as well as for a strong therapeutic relationship.

My clinical interests include adjustment concerns, anxiety, depression, working with survivors of violence and trauma, interpersonal/relational stress, and multicultural identity exploration.

Multicultural interests

My personal and professional values align with a prioritization of social justice and inclusion. I have a strong interest in how privilege and oppression influence experiences, the complexities of intersecting identities, and sociopolitical forces in our lives. I strive to be a culture-centered therapist, meaning that I view part of my role to be an agent for prosocial change, social justice, empowerment, and advocacy for and with diverse communities. I have experience and interest in working with women’s issues, clients from low-income backgrounds, members of LGBTQIA+ communities, racial and ethnic minorities, and first-generation college students.

Outreach interests

I believe connecting with the campus community through outreach efforts is integral to overall student health and mental well-being. I have experience facilitating outreach that is focused on gratitude, stress management, self-care and coping skills, social justice, body image, and suicide prevention.

Scholarly interests

I am interested in studying the process and outcomes of psychotherapy, specifically with historically excluded populations.

Professional affiliations

I am a graduate student member of the American Psychological Association (APA), with affiliate memberships in APA Division 17 (Counseling Psychology) and APA Division 29 (Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy).

Megan Prass