Heather Kiefer, M.S.

UCS Psychology Intern

Graduate program

University of North Texas Counseling Psychology PhD, emphasis in Sport Psychology

Clinical/counseling interests

I primarily approach counseling from a relational-cultural lens with emphasis on interpersonal and systemic dynamics. I place great emphasis on the relationship between the therapist and client and view our relationship as a primary modality for change. I seek to work collaboratively with clients to build relational resilience and co-create a space of authenticity. I consider it a privilege and joy to work with college students, as this is an integral time for self-exploration and growth. My clinical interests include adjustment/life transitions, identity concerns, multicultural dynamics, relational concerns, LGBTQIA+ issues, and sport psychology.

Multicultural interests

In taking a relational-cultural approach to therapy, I work to examine how my identities interact with the populations that I am serving and work to dismantle the power dynamics that exist in the therapy space. Additionally, I recognize how systems of oppression may impact individuals’ lived experiences and am committed to social justice and advocacy work on the individual, group, and systems level. I have a special interest in working with the LGBTQIA+ community, specifically around the identity formation and exploration process.

Heather Kiefer