Claire McCall, M.A



2022 – University of Denver, M.A. Sport and Performance Psychology

Clinical/counseling interests

I approach counseling primarily from a cognitive behavioral therapy and person-centered therapy lens. These modalities help me create a supportive atmosphere where the client feels they can learn and grow. My clinical interests include performance psychology, life transitions, leadership, anxiety, depression, managing emotions, and neurodivergence.

Multicultural interests

I utilize the culturally diverse model when working with clients. This model helps me understand the individual and societal implications of personal experiences, client’s experiences, and how the world around the client and therapist influence their working relationship. My multicultural interests include, working with LGBTQIA+ identities, international students, students with disabilities, and rural mental health concerns.

Outreach interests

I enjoy connecting with students by delivering mental skills workshops, discussions and presentations. I also believe that students are performers in some capacity, and enjoy helping them develop mental skills like focus, motivation, and imagery as these skills can increase self-efficacy and autonomy in their studies and in life.

Professional affiliations:

I am a member of the American Psychological Association: Division 47 Society for Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Claire McCall