Charlotte Shanaver, M.S.Ed.; M.Phil.Ed.

UCS Psychology Intern

Clinical/counseling interests

I consider myself a Feminist-Dynamic therapist. I place client identities and contexts at the forefront of my treatment and conceptualization. I believe the individual cannot be viewed separately from the systems in which they exist and understanding how these systems work to oppress or privilege various identities is integral to client care. I emphasize client interpersonal patterns along with one’s relationship to themselves. Through this approach I view the therapeutic relationship as one of the key tools towards therapeutic change. I aim to create a collaborative space, safe enough for clients to explore and challenge their own relational styles and reactions, with the hope fostering love and acceptance for one’s true, authentic self. My clinical passions include student athletes, sport and performance, body image concerns, identity exploration, anxiety struggles, and serving Queer identified folx.

Multicultural interests

I acknowledge that I hold many privileged identities and I am committed to the constant development of my own cultural humility and awareness. I am a strong advocate for social justice and equality within all spheres and am passionate about serving all those who hold oppressed identities, visible or hidden. I use my practice to actively foster an anti-racist presence within the community I reside, as I feel it is my duty to use my privileged identities to protect and serve those who do not.

Outreach interests

I love the power and impact of campus outreach programs. I believe connecting with the campus community is integral to overall student health and mental well-being. I enjoy engaging with student athletes, helping break the barrier and stigma of seeking mental health treatment within sport. I am also dedicated to serving the LGBTQIA+ student community, providing a source of safe and tailored support.

Charlotte Shanaver