Allison Bywater, B.A.


Clinical/counseling interests:

Deciding to seek counseling, for some, can feel scary and/or overwhelming. Knowing this, I emphasize the development of a trust-based therapeutic relationship in which my clients feel both welcome and supported. I strive to incorporate an integrative approach to counseling wherein I collaborate with my clients and listen to the needs they are communicating with me. My goal as a therapist is to co-create a space where my clients feel unconditional acceptance, compassion, and curiosity when working in session with me. I hope to empower my clients to be facilitators of their healing process. I bring to counseling previous experience working, in an advocacy role, with parents involved in the juvenile court system and experience working with survivors of intimate partner violence. My clinical interests include life adjustment challenges, grief and loss, interpersonal/relational concerns, concerns related to sexual orientation and gender identity, family dynamics, and work with parents/caregivers.

Multicultural interests:

I am personally and professionally invested in continuing my education and understanding of historically oppressed individuals and communities. Before starting my PhD in counseling psychology, I studied sociology and gender studies. My prior educational background and work experiences influence how I examine the ways intersection of race, class, and gender lead to distress in those I work with. I commit to listening to my clients describe how their cultural experiences impact their personal and professional development. I have experience working with economically disadvantaged individuals, diverse racial and ethnic identities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Allison Bywater