UCS Statement on Systemic Racism

Recent events here on the UI campus and across the country have highlighted ongoing systemic racism and oppression. You or those around you may have questions, concerns, and reactions about difficult topics, including racism, discrimination, oppression, guns, policing, violence, protests, and social justice. These responses can look and feel many different ways; they may be emotional or physical, common or uncommon for you, and similar to or different from the reactions of people around you. We at the UCS experience sadness, outrage, a sense of disempowerment, and disbelief.  We believe it is important to name the systemic oppression that Black men and people of color face in this country. We are aware of the visible and invisible processes that contribute to the experiences of Black men and people of color, including but not limited to, racism, hate crimes, profiling, violence, discrimination, and microaggressions. We want to engage in and support the continued dialogue about how to facilitate change on an individual and systemic level.

The UCS staff encourage you to seek safe people and spaces to identify and process your reactions. The UCS mission highlights our focus on creating a safe and affirming climate for all individuals. We recognize that the recent events affect the degree of emotional, psychological, and physical safety experienced by individuals on our campus and within the community. We believe it is important to constantly evaluate and identify how we can and will serve as a safe support for students in their time at the University of Iowa and beyond. We want you to know that we are available as a resource for you, and we are dedicated to helping foster a climate that is safe for all students on campus and within the community. If you are interested in speaking individually with a counselor or arranging for a facilitated discussion for your group, please call 319-335-7294. 

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