Yamini Bhagwat

Practicum Trainee

Clinical/Counseling Interests

I believe that clients are the experts of their own lives and that a strengths-based, collaborative approach to counseling best supports client autonomy and well-being.  By fostering a caring, empathetic counseling relationship in our sessions, I aim to support clients in identifying and making progress toward goals that hold significance and meaning for them and in expanding clients’ toolkits for: healing; managing uncertainty, painful thoughts and feelings; growth throughout their lifespan; and, living a rich and meaningful life.

My counseling interests include anxiety, depression, concerns related to identity formation, family of origin issues, relationship/interpersonal concerns, non-traditional students, and adjustment to the demands of college life.  

Multicultural Interests

I have a special interest in multicultural concerns such as cross-cultural issues, bi- and multi-cultural/ethnic issues and identity development, racial/ethnic minority and international students as well as gender and sexuality.  I am committed to developing a decolonized understanding of mental health and to the provision of culturally attuned mental health care with the aim of creating a welcoming, accessible, destigmatized and safe counseling space for every client.