Tanner Smith

Practicum Trainee

2018 - University of Iowa, BSW
May, 2020 - University of Iowa, MSW

Clinical/Counseling Interests:

My love for the helping profession is driven by the belief that each person has a unique story, and is worthy of dignity and respect. I approach counseling from a person-centered perspective, where clients can share their experiences and we can work collaboratively to build upon their strengths and abilities. With the college population, I’m particularly interested in the person in environment perspective, and how the stressors of being a student manifest into mental health symptoms, and vice versa. I also incorporate mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapies, and believe that providing a safe and non-judgmental space is essential for developing a therapeutic relationship.

My clinical interests include anxiety, healthy coping skills, substance misuse, difficulties with life adjustments, parenting and relationship issues, and trauma.

Multicultural Interests:

My social work education and previous work experiences have made promoting social justice a passion of mine. I believe it’s important to understand both the ways that our client’s culture can empower them, as well as the ways that systemic oppression can create barriers in their lives. To understand these complexities, I strive towards cultural competence. I believe cultural competence is a life-long journey, not a destination. As society changes, so must our learning and furthering education regarding culture, and the way privilege influences our lives.


I enjoy engaging in psychoeducation with clients, and see the understanding of symptoms as an empowering experience. I’m also interested in healthy relationships, coping with stress, and dismantling the stigma regarding mental health.