Shengnan  Li, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist

2019—University of Kansas, Counseling Psychology
(I am originally from China. My name pronounces as Sheng-Nan [səŋ-nan])

Clinical/Counseling interest:

My theoretical approach toward therapy is integrative in nature. I consider person-centered approach as the therapeutic foundation and work from a psychodynamic perspective, particularly relying on relational concepts and attachment theory within a multicultural framework. I believe that individuals’ experiences and reality are subjectively, historically, and environmentally shaped. In the therapeutic relationship, I am to facilitate the clients to have a deeper understanding of their past experiences and embrace the possibility of having adaptive new experiences.

I am interested in working with college students on a variety of concerns, including depression, anxiety, developmental concerns, and concerns related to identity, relationship, and cultural and diversity.

Multicultural interest:

I strive to provide culturally appropriate counseling to my clients. I am aware of my own cultural identity and commit myself to becoming a multiculturally competent therapist for all clients. Clinically, I have adopted a curious and “try-to-understand” mindset toward clients whose cultural background is different from mine. I respectfully view clients in their social, environmental, and historical contexts, so I could understand them holistically. I believe that it is my responsibility to understand their difficulties and advocate for them whenever possible. I am strongly interested in working with international students, students from the LGBTQ+ group, and students from other minority groups.

Professional affiliation: I am a member of the:
Association of Chinese Helping Professionals and Psychologists-International (ACHPPI)
American Psychological Association Division 17 - Society of Counseling Psychology
American Psychological Association Division 52 - International Psychology