Ricardo Charria, LISW

Clinical Case Manager

Clinical and Counseling Interest  

I like to engage young adults from the Humanistic/Client-Center approach, always helping them to discover their own strengths and innate resources. I believe all individuals possess the qualities needed to resolve personal issues, heal, and achieve full potential. My clinical practice includes elements from the cognitive, behavioral, and dialectical therapies which focus on helping individuals discover or build on their emotional and coping skills from an empathetic, encouraging, and non-judgmental interpersonal process. As a clinical case manager and a therapist, I have special interest in working with young adults from all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds who may be facing emotional challenges with adjustment to college or life events, resettling, chronic mental and medical conditions, sexual orientation/gender identity issues, and general men’s health.  

Multicultural Interest  

As a Latino gay male who immigrated to the U.S. in search of better opportunities, and understanding firsthand the emotional stress related to the challenges faced by not conforming with gender role expectations, the look and color of my skin, immigration status, resettling and the acculturation process, I find myself with a strong commitment to help young minority individuals, immigrants, or underserved populations experiencing similar emotional distress in their lives. I enjoy learning and celebrating the richness, valuable differences, and strengths of all cultures; but I also recognize the complexity of the intersectionality in a larger society affected by misinformation and intolerance.        

Outreach interest  

I believe in the power of education and prevention to build strong healthy communities that are founded on social justice and opportunities for all. I am always willing to participate in events that create channels of communication and advocacy for young adults from multi-cultural backgrounds, those identifying as LGBTQ+, women and men’s health advocacy, especially individuals with chronic mental health and long-lasting medical conditions. 

Professional Memberships: 

National Association of Social Work - NASW