Kyle Votroubek, LISW

Staff Therapist, Eastside Location Coordinator

Clinical/counseling interests:

I believe our experiences greatly shape our perception of the world and how we interact with it. The culture we grow up in is often our framework for we interpret day to day interactions. Exploring our culture and experiences helps us gain insight into why we feel the way we do and gives us power to choose the path we take moving forward. I believe in focusing on the strengths people have within them to reframe difficult issues and grow in a purposeful direction. A good connection between the client and therapist is essential in providing fertile ground for clients to grow. I try to avoid using technical jargon and try to communicate in a way that is most easily accessible to the client. I also enjoy helping clients resolve traumatic experiences and helping to make painful thoughts, feelings, and memories not hurt so much.

Multicultural interests

  • Promoting safe/inclusive atmospheres for everyone
  • Women’s equality/safety
  • Promoting curiosity and understanding
  • Understanding the effects of social privileges

Outreach interests

I enjoy preparing first year students for the transition to college, communication and relationship skills; academic skills; mental health education, work-life balance, stress management, educating about he services UCS provides.