Jeffrey Grimes

Practicum Doctoral Trainee

Clinical/Counseling Interests

Counseling works because of the special collaboration between us; your expertise into your own life, and my experience as a counselor. Together, we will work toward your desired goals. In this process, I will strive to create a space that is warm and affirming for you to explore, gain insight, and enhance your strengths. I tend to use a client-centered, cognitive-behavioral approach to our work while integrating evidence based approaches which include: brief psychodynamic, interpersonal processes, and acceptance and commitment therapy. To me, this means that our relationship together is important and the relationships you have with yourself and others is as well. College is difficult, and adding the life stressors on top of your daily commitments can often be defeating. Previously, clients have had concerns with performance, adjustment, interpersonal/relational concerns, anxiety, depression, identity, sport, family dynamics, support, and resilience. In counseling, the list of concerns are continuous; therefore, I want to help whatever is specifically troubling you!

Multicultural Interests

Social justice and equity is important to me, and something I am determined to work toward. I am an able, white, cis, heterosexual, twenty-five year-old male identified Christian who was born in the United States and also identifies as a partner, athlete, academic, and counselor. I understand that I hold many different privileges and power in different contexts. With these identities, it is essential that I always work towards cultural humility, competence, and compassion in my work. I value differences and the diversity of every race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious/spiritual identity, nationality, and ability status.

Outreach interests

My outreach interests usually merge with teaching, students, and sport. Amongst student-athletes, topics have included gender, program building for sport psychologist interns, strategies for self-care, and coming-out in sport. I’ve been involved in creating and implementing multicultural dialogues for counselors, academic success for students, and volunteering with the American Psychological Association for various divisions of interest.