Jahnavi Pandya, M.A.

Practicum Doctoral Trainee


Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program, the University of Iowa
M.A. in Counseling Psychology, S.N.D.T., Mumbai, India
B.A. in Psychology, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India

Clinical Interests

My current approach is strongly ingrained in acceptance and commitment therapy, person-centered therapy, and psychodynamic approach. I believe in creating an empathetic safe space where clients learn to appreciate their self-worth, and develop self-respect, appreciation, forgiveness, and acceptance. My goal is to provide a therapeutic environment from which the client can embark on a journey within and, as Adam Burke describes, “discover new ways to be in the world.” Being a musician, I also like to adapt creative ways of finding solutions and sometimes using music in therapy.

My journey as a therapist has been an insightful process towards self-growth and becoming more genuine, while also working with clients towards nurturing and enhancing their wellbeing. My aim is to facilitate the process of developing a healthy mindset and lifestyle and breaking through barriers placed by patterns of inter-generational trauma.

Multicultural Interests

I am keen on working with a diverse client population, particularly with students. I believe providing support to emerging adults can help to facilitate the identification and growth of salient parts of their identity, formulate goals for change, and foster purpose in their lives. I follow a multidisciplinary approach and respect different cultural practices of clients. Additionally, being an international student myself, I am keen on working with and supporting students who have moved away from their families.

I have worked with diverse client populations and concerns, including concerns about sexual identity, reported suicide ideation, relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and terminal illness. Throughout this experience, I have learned firsthand the importance of providing empathy, compassion and humility and am always eager to explore additional ways in which I can better myself as a mental health provider and human being as I seek to better my surrounding community.

My purpose as a practicum student is to be a bridge between academia and my surrounding community by improving mental health awareness, reducing societal stigma, and empowering those I serve.