Jae Kim

Practicum Doctoral Trainee

Graduate Program:

Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program, University of Iowa 

Clinical Interests:

I have a significant clinical interest in grief and loss issues.  Grief and loss are often linked to death and bereavement.  While I am interested in supporting clients coping with this type of loss, I am also interested in helping clients to address personal and community grief and loss that are sometimes easily identifiable through social justice issues, but at times may be unrecognized or unaccepted by society or even loved ones.  These issues may sometimes be linked to the feelings of anxieties or fears that people experience, which they may not associate with grief and loss: uncertainty about the future, missed opportunities, choices made in the past or to be made in the future in different aspects of life such as personal relationships, family, or work. 

I also believe that work plays a significant role in people’s lives, as it affects identity development, relationships, and well-being throughout their lifespan. I enjoy supporting people as they navigate their way to make important choices related to their current and future work. 

My foundational approach to therapy is largely influenced by elements of person-centered therapy which include acceptance, genuineness, and empathy towards the client.  I also try to support clients to help leverage their strengths in order for them to grow and flourish in a brave, safe, and collaborative environment.

Multicultural interests:

My intersectional identity as an Asian woman and my international background give me the foundation for interests in both minority and women’s issues.  More specifically, I am interested in supporting international students, their reintegration to home country, immigration to the US, and family issues stemming from living overseas.  I am also interested in working with intergenerational cultural conflict. In addition, I support mid-career transitions and have experience working with those who perpetrate intimate partner violence. 

Professional Affiliations:

American Psychological Association (APA) – Division 17, The Society of Counseling Psychology