Elizabeth Marilla-Kapp, LMSW, MFA

Staff Therapist

Clinical/Counseling Interests

I love to support students in connecting with their own wisdom about well-being. We collaboratively develop unique strategies for both personal and systemic growth. My clinical work is grounded in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). I am deeply inspired by and indebted to thinkers, artists, and activists in the Feminist, LGBTQ+, Anti-Racist, Harm-Reductionist, and Anti-Diet communities. I also look forward to learning which songs, movies, comics, and ideas most inspire, represent, and ground the clients I collaborate with. Joy, pleasure, and creativity are very important to me! I often work with students around anxiety, perfectionism, body image, identity development, career/vocation questions, family/relationship concerns, sex and sexuality, grief/loss, online life, substance use, and creativity. 

Multicultural Interests

I come to UCS from a background in mental health first response and services for people experiencing crisis, food insecurity, and houselessness (due to the classist, ableist, racist, and sexist policies that limit access to resources). I am committed to increasing affirming, representative, affordable access to mental health resources and thriving for everyone, but especially for BIPOC and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Outreach Interests

I’m excited about outreach that integrates thinking about mental health with thinking about social justice and systems change. I love to offer invitations to creative practice in support of mental health to people who identify as artists, but also to people for whom arts may be a brand new way of coping, soothing, or processing. I am especially passionate about outreach to students who are managing challenges at home in addition to their learning—in particular financially self-supporting students, students studying after young adulthood, and students who are parents/caregivers.