Carmen Tebbe Priebe, Ph.D.

Contract Psychologist - Department of Athletics


2007 University of North Texas, Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology (Sport Psychology emphasis)

Clinical/Counseling Interests

I utilize a client centered, strength based approach to counseling, incorporating cognitive behavioral strategies, interpersonal processing, and the therapeutic alliance as a mechanism for change.  My goal is to establish a trusting relationship that allows the balance of support and challenge to assist clients in identifying productive coping strategies.   My clinical interests are primarily focused on the unique aspects of college student-athlete mental health, including mood disorders, substance use, disordered eating, trauma, and adjustment to the demands of being a student-athlete.  In addition, I focus on leadership and mental skills strategies at the team and individual level to assist student-athletes in finding their optimal energy state, focus, motivation, and confidence for consistent high performance. 

Multicultural Interests:

I have a strong interest in social justice and intersecting identities and seek to understand how my own diversity might impact the therapeutic relationship.  I strive to create an environment where my clients feel comfortable expressing and exploring their identities, and the resulting effect on their experiences as an individual and within a team.  


My passion for student-athlete well-being fuels my outreach interests, including education/advocacy on student-athlete mental health, mental skills training, leadership development, injury recovery, transition in/out of college athletics, team cohesion, effective communication, and coach/staff development to create a psychologically healthy environment.  I believe the best outreach workshops are interactive and allow the participants the opportunity to support and learn from each other.

Professional Affiliations

Association for Applied Sport Psychology (Certified Mental Performance Consultant)