Brittany Greenbaum, Ph.D.

Staff Therapist

Clinical/Counseling Interests:

Recognizing that we are in need of support and then finding the time and resolve to seek assistance can be challenging. In response to the courageous acts that bring individuals to my office, I believe it is my job as your psychologist to provide unconditional kindness and respect in the process of exploring your distress, and to find ways to lessen the pain it is causing in your life. In our work together you can anticipate spending time discussing your concerns, learning techniques to support yourself, and increasing your knowledge of mental health in general. I like to assist my clients in noticing how they communicate with themselves and build insight into how our internal tone can affect our wellness and ability to accomplish our goals. Additionally, I appreciate being able to explore the historical roots of who we are, practice radical acceptance, and work towards changing behaviors that are no longer beneficial to us. I have experience working with a variety of individuals, particular survivors of trauma. 

Multicultural Interests:

The intersection of our identities is beautiful. I enjoy working with clients at all stages of cultural-acceptance and exploration. As we interact in an ever-evolving cultural landscape, I think it is important to continually examine the different aspects of ourselves and how it impacts our way of relating in the world.

Outreach Interests:

As much as I enjoy meeting with my clients in individual and group therapy formats, the ability to connect with students in the community is a gift that comes with working at the university’s counseling services. While I am open to involvement in a wide variety of programming and outreach, specialty topics of mine include trauma, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, sexual assault, domestic violence, issues around consent, nonconsensual image sharing, pornography, and animal rights.