Alyssa Provencio

Practicum Doctoral Trainee

Graduate Program:

Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program, University of Iowa

Clinical Interests:

I view therapy as a space where we can explore the various roles we play in our lives and discover ourselves there. I practice therapy from an interpersonal, feminist, and multicultural perspective, believing that people exist in unique contexts which shape our identities and therefore the way we act in relationships and in the world. My goal in therapy is to encourage clients to explore their identities and foster insight around the function of their relationships. I want to collaborate with you, empowering you to meet the goals you hope to achieve and be with you on that journey.

My clinical interests include relationship concerns, religious/spiritual exploration, couples therapy, women’s issues, and identity exploration.

Multicultural Interests:

I believe that our worldviews are shaped by the environment we exist within, often including oppressive systems and dominant social norms that can be harmful. In working from a feminist perspective, I attempt to understand the importance of all aspects of a client’s identity, recognizing ways harmful cultural messages may have impacted the client throughout their life. It is important to me that I participate in social justice and advocacy outside of therapy, which also challenges me to consistently reflect on my own roles within social systems.